The Better Way To Manage Promotions.
Cashback is the home of complete cash back promotion strategies and solutions. Renowned as the one stop for total promotions management, we provide specialty services from planning, fulfillment, right through to payment and dispatch.
End-to-end promotion management.

We work tirelessly, taking the load off our customers so they can focus on their bottom line.
Data driven, we drive your business further.
Delivered in partnership with leading brands, our promotion management solutions maximise audience reach. Specialising in cash backs, we drive customer retention, product performance, and sales growth for winning businesses.
An end-to-end solution provider.
We strive to be the brand of choice for complete client and consumer promotion management solutions. Our highly experienced teams’ global industry knowledge and experience positions us as a strong dependable leader.
Did you know that almost half of all Australian and New Zealand consumers have a customer loyalty membership?
With Cashback and you'll have access to a wide range of data. Key demographics, product performance, and even opt-in email address features can help grow your business even further.
Since 2004, Cashback has led the way in cash back and loyalty program marketing in Australia and New Zealand. Providing fun and rewarding experiences for consumers, we’ve helped drive massive growth for our clients.
And we’ve only scratched the surface.
Money may not buy happiness, but it sure has created many enduring memories.
Our cash back and loyalty programs can drive your business further.
We have run campaigns for some of the world’s most visible brands, helping them to boost profits, gain market share, raise product awareness and brand visibility, and increasing sales.

*Cashback is a division of Pro-Logic International, a promotional management company operating across Australia and New Zealand.
Sharpening your customer's focus through greater brand visibility.

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