The future of data driven cash reward solutions.
Promotion Management

No Catch, Just Cashback

Behind the wheel of Australia’s leading cash back and loyalty programs, our specialists deliver data driven campaigns to steer you in the right direction.

Giving your customers the rewards they deserve, At Cashback, we manage consumer promotions from planning through to payment and dispatch. Our campaigns are tailor-made to meet your business and customer’s needs. Emphasising value for money, we help you improve customer retention and sales.

As industry leaders we understand in order to be successful we must contribute to your bottom line. Our experience and industry knowledge puts us behind the wheel of some of the world’s most powerful brands.

By outsourcing your promotions to us, you can focus on what you do best.

We manage your campaigns from start to finish:

  • Promotion mechanics - Our diverse industry experience across leading brands positions us to design effective and cost-efficient customer rewards strategies with success.
  • Point of sale kitting and distribution - We provide complete point of sale kitting and distribution services including hamper assembly, trade kits and individual kit dispatch.
  • Digital payments - Utilising the latest digital technology, we reward customers with less wait times at great value to maintain the essence of cash back rewards.
  • Fulfilment - From planning to physical reward delivery, we provide the efficiency customers have come to expect.
Cashback promotions help your brand rise above the competition, winning new customers and immediate sales from the added value you can deliver.
Customer Engagement

Engage To Retain

Incentivising customers, staff, or clients is a great way to boost sales. Unlike traditional engagements, partnering with us provides flexibility and real time responsiveness.

Strengthening customer engagement and driving sales, our consumer loyalty programs offer one of the most cost-effective means of engagement and promotion.

Maximising retention and drawing in customers from competitors, this marketing strategy can generate exceptional rewards at minimal cost.

Branded Cash Back Cards

Perception Injection

Devices such as EFTPOS cash back cards in particular add value to your brand and bottom line. Increasing visibility and customer engagement, they never go out of sight.

Customer perception and behaviour tells us branded Cash Back cards continue to be a trend and highly valued form of loyalty program in Australia.

Our industry leading strategists will design your gift card loyalty program to deliver on improving your brand’s sales and reputation.

Track and measure your customer's spend with our real time reporting.
End-To-End Solution

Data Driven Tracking Business

Leveraging customer data is what takes your business to the next level. With the latest technology we provide you the insights you need to cross the finish line first.

An end-to-end solution, we use the best data management technology available, offering key insights necessary to keep your business on top. Demographics, product performance and high-value data are all available. Opt-in email addresses can be collected and analysed, scaling your marketing strategy to new heights.

We also offer complete sales cycles solutions, including:

  • Mail collection
  • First in first out pick pack and dispatch
  • Identification and elimination of duplicate submissions or fraudulent activity
  • Stock storage in secure, modern, well equipped warehousing
A successful promotion campaign requires thorough planning and execution. Our end-to-end campaign management approach means you can rely on our expertise to free up your valuable resources.
Gift With Purchase

Something For Nothing

Gift with purchase programs can evoke a something for nothing kind of feeling. An effective means to make your customers feel special, they won’t leave empty handed.

Encouraging customer loyalty with memorable moments is key to building brand equity. One of the better ways to please a customer is to leave them feeling like they’ve received something for free.

A gift with purchase program will reinforce your brand in the mind of those who buy your product. Gift with purchase is a proven way to foster both upsell and cross sell opportunities, creating potential for even greater returns.

Word-of-mouth is a cost-effective way of raising brand awareness and product promotion across multiple platforms. The best gift with purchase program sells itself, allowing you to outshine competitors.

Competitions And Prizes

High Impact Equals Higher Returns

Engage your customers with a wide range of competitions to give your loyalty programs a word-of-mouth boost. Being in it to win it is the name of this game.

For efficient and effective consumer engagement, an eye-catching competition, sweepstake, or game is a proven way of getting people talking about your brand - and in a good way.

With the right strategy in place it's possible to offer huge rewards to a customer for a tiny fraction of the perceived cost. By strategically structuring prize pools and distribution, Cashback delivers standout promotions minus the huge expense.

There are few things more exciting than the prospect of a life-changing reward. With Cashback you can be guaranteed to see a high impact, high return result from your campaign. To capitalise further, we ensure you make the most of this golden opportunity to capture valuable forms for data.

Our campaigns are designed to capture key data organically. Incentivizing customers with life changing rewards creates engagement at costs far below many alternative marketing strategies.

Digital Store Cards

Smarter Not Harder

Using the latest technology to reward your customers, we manage multiple reward types from processing through to dispatch. We believe in smarter, not harder.

Using smartphone digital payments, we recently launched digital store cards, with over 40 national retailers to choose from. Staying ahead of the curve requires promoting electronic payment methods as an alternative to the production and delivery of traditional cheques and gift cards.

The proven benefits of our digital payment methods include:

  • Instant delivery
  • Co-branded currency
  • Strong retail partnerships
  • Elimination of “lost in the mail” or physical delays
  • No tedious customer activation processes
  • Ability to create any retailer partners digital program
Digital currency is versatile and can be used for both competition rewards and all forms of promotional rebate. A well-known camera client recently provided a Hoyts e-card to customers who completed their online training document.

The customer received the dual benefit of learning how to use their new camera in addition to being rewarded with a gift for doing so. The process was fully automated and completed online.

Claims Management Systems

Real Time, Real Results

Cashback clients are given access to our Claims Management System, offering real time control and viewing of your promotions. It’s a win-win situation.

With data to help you drive your business further, Cashback clients are provided with weekly tracking reports, giving you valuable insight into your product and customer buying behaviours.

When setting up a promotion you may also choose the option of collecting marketing data to use for boosting future opportunities.

We supply the following information:

  • Customer demographics tracking
  • Claims by locations, name address or store
  • Store or purchase tracking
  • Product analysis
  • Opt-in email addresses
Data or results based, we’re equally driven.

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